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UK Allergen Guide

Allergies Advice

Our core drink ingredients are freshly prepared in small kitchens that handle various ingredients and common allergens including cereals with gluten, sesame, peanuts, soy, tree nuts and milk.

Our counters and kitchens are busy places using shared equipment to prepare, store, and handle multiple ingredients. While we take precautions, there is always a possibility that different food products will come into contact. We always indicate when a product does contain any of 14 listed allergens but, we cannot guarantee any of our recipes or drinks are allergen-free.

Our Allergen Guide contains a list of all the products we sell in our UK shops, and the 14 declarable allergen information listed for your reference.

Please note that tapioca come from the supplier who handles tree nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds on their premises.

Please remember to request the latest version of our Allergen Guide on a regular basis, as recipes do change from time to time.

Our staff are fully trained on allergens and happy to answer any questions regarding the presence of 14 listed allergens in our product.

We understand that no matter how detailed our guide is, there may be times when it can’t answer the questions you may have, particularly if these questions are related to allergens which are not listed as one of 14 common allergens. If you need any additional information, please email who will be happy to help.

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